Pak Impex Corporation


To Conserve the man made resources to keep all the equipments and Machinery at its Peak working condition, To achieve and sustain the highest standards of services by providing at situ reliable and longer lasting repair and protection of Equipments, Machinery, Tanks, Vessels, Pumps and structures. To keep the wheel of Industry rolling 24/7 and save the time and money for our valuable clients of Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Fertilizer, Marine and Engineering Industries.


To educate our clients; benefits of preventive Maintenance and use of Advance Age Belzona Products to save money on Maintenance and reduce plant outage time, to familiarize with the latest Belzona products for the benefit of Maintenance staff.


To provide a unmatched advisory service about the solution to the problems of erosion, Corrosion in Industry, to provide them cost and time effective solutions with Belzona Products. To achieve highest place in Pakistan as Belzona Distributor and Maintenance services provider, to provide the International application standards which are practiced in Western world, to earn the Trust, confidence and the utmost satisfaction of our clients.


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